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Karen Shelton
17 April 2008 @ 05:37 pm
Yeah, I'm a little late. So what?

There's this one guy who comes into the lab every night--and I mean EVERY night. He gets on facebook and myspace, and hangs around for hours. He must have oodles of friends on facebook and myspace, because otherwise, how on earth could he spend so long on there? The question is, though, if he has all of these friends, then why isn't he hanging out with them? Every night he substitutes actual human contact for poking on facebook. He averages about 4.35 hours a day when you factor in weekends even though we're closed. 6.1 hours per day if you only count the days that we're open. What is it about the new high tech world that makes fake realtionships more meaningful?

Anyway, papers are calling my name, and even though I'm screaming "no" at the top of my lungs, they're still winning.

Karen Shelton
13 December 2007 @ 12:00 pm
Ah. My annual phone-answering entry. As always, the ladies have gone to lunch, leaving me here to answer the phones. Yay. Boo. Phones are easier, though. I don't see why everyone was so confused. Not to say that I totally have the hang of it, but I believe that given one week, I would have it no problem. Oh well. I guess I'm just tech-minded. But the last system completely confused me, and they could get that one.

Grah. My head hurts. I slept so hard last night. Too hard, I think. Apparetly, I haven't actually been getting any really good sleep for the last two weeks. My word. I was dead to the world.

Got four of my five grades in. Four A's so far. Pretty sure the other will be an A.
Karen Shelton
03 December 2007 @ 04:59 pm
Supper tonight consists of 20 oz. Coke, one packet of Lance Cheddar cheese crackers, one bag of nacho cheese Bugles, and a bag of mini Chips Ahoy. Nutritious, considering that supper must be purchased from a vending machine. The only two remotely healthy snacks available in the machines in the MSCX are these little fruit-chew-things and rice cakes. I hate both. So, junk food it is.

Today has not been the greatest. Our group project didn't get finished in time. Actually, it didn't get half finished. Well, that's not true. I think we are maybe ten lines of code away from completing the project, however, we don't know what they are. As of now, our project does nothing. You may select a class, but you can neither register for it or drop it. And the presentation was due today. We gave it. It sucked. Derrick said nothing. Derrick, oddly enough, is completely Chinese. All the Chinese students here tend to take an American name for some reason. His equally Chinese girlfriend is named Emma. I like Emma better than I like Derrick. Derrick should not be a CS major, but he can't really do anything to change that. He has also not had Java or VB (but he's currently taking it). Mrs. Davis has told me that he downloads essays off of the internet that are in Chinese, and translates them into English. Sort of. I think he runs them through Babel Fish or something, and then finds an unsuspecting American student (i.e. me) to help him fix them. I did it once. I won't again. Emma tries, I think, even if she fails.

David, I'm annoyed with, because he "works better when he's alone," yet his work remains the same regardless of where he is. I understand that he is doing the bulk of the work, but still. Don't tell me that you can finish it at home when you can't finish it here.

I'm supposed to be meeting Zhao here tonight to help him study for one of Dr. Zhong's classes. I'm still not really sure which, though, I'd have to guess that it was for Data Communications (networking). The Software Engineering exam is open-book. He said that he had a hard time understanding Dr. Zhong, so he was lost. I'm a little concerned that I can't help him, but oh well. I make no guarantees.

Somehow I've turned into the CS department's Chinese-American liaison, which one would not necessarily think was needed, as our only two professors are Chinese. Keep in mind that at no point when I use the word Chinese that I mean Chinese-American. Every usage means Chinese, and just that.

Lisa also managed to rope me into helping her study for the Advanced Grammar final. I suppose that I could have gotten out of it, but she actually needs the help. If she doesn't pass, she won't graduate this semester. So, at 9:30 on Tuesday morning, we're studying in the library. Great.

I'm feeling a little stressed, but for the most part it's not over my exams. I'm not particularly worried. Bill will give me an A in Mandarin if I don't just flat-out earn it. On the last test I got bonus points for answering certain questions in Chinese characters. I've made a 95 and a 97 on my tests in there, and he wants everyone to be happy. I'm also one of his favorite students, so that can only help me.

In Software Engineering, the test is only worth 15% of my grade, and it's open book. I just need to make a summary telling me where to find everything that way I can finish in the hour and fifteen minutes alotted. And again, I'm one of Bill's faves.

Data Communications will take some studying, but I'm not particularly concerned. I understand the basic concepts well enough to grasp the particulars. Now it's just a matter of studying. And I still have the status of one of Bill's favorites to help me.

Databases will most likely be cancelled for me since Dr. Lee drops one of your exam grades. I've made 88, 87, and 87 on my three previous exams, and I have over 100% on my homework. Altogether, that should leave me sitting pretty.

Advanced Grammar won't be hard, I'll just need to remind myself of a few things before I actually take my test. I'll still do fine without it, but I missed one assignment accidentally, so I'd rather make an A to help mask it. It's also open-note, so I should be just hunky dorey.

I guess that life could be worse. I think that everyone in the lab right now is actually working on Math, so I don't feel pressured to run anyone out. I have a moment to breathe before anything hits me too hard again. And I have one more class before the end of the semester. Hurrah!
Karen Shelton
23 October 2007 @ 01:30 pm
Picking up nine of Chris' unused hours this week. His second major is drama, oddly enough, and since there's a huge production this week, he is unavailable. Good for me! Especially since I didn't work three of my eleven hours last week. Now, despite the deficit, I'll be six hours more than usual. Only about $30 extra, but nice to have.

Figured out the funniest thing ever, though. Chris came in to the lab one day griping about how someone unblocked Facebook and MySpace in the lab. He said he had to unfreeze every single computer, one at a time, log in as "Instructor", and block the IP address for each. He was understandably a bit tweaked that someone had gone to an equal amount of effort to undo his work.

The steps of the process he took are still written on the board with the IP adresses listed. I attempted to access them to no avail. No, I wasn't blocked, but a page did not yield. I then googled and to see what I could find, and mostly I found instructions on blocking MySpace and Facebook for companies/schools.

Another search led me to Site24x7's IP tool. It gave me three address for MySpace and three for Facebook. None of them matched the ones written on the board. The ones for MySpace worked (try for yourself), but the ones for Facebook still didn't yield anything. As of yet, I've not found a single working IP address for Facebook. I definitely get the feeling that it's intentional.

I can't wait to tell Chris that it was Facebook and MySpace that undid all of his work by simply changing their IP addresses. He's not going to be happy. Ha!
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Karen Shelton
22 October 2007 @ 08:33 pm
So, about a million things have happened. I would love to get into them all, but that would be overwhelming. So, an action-item list, if you will.

1. Carrigan has busted her mouth to smithereens
2. I have made a new friend from Moldova named Evelina
3. I have undutifully ignored an inactive credit card
4. I have become the star student in advanced grammar
5. Marisa's mother is having brain surgery tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.
6. I've decided to take a sign language class at church
7. I nearly killed myself working at camp over fall break
8. We kept Evelina up entirely too late at camp last weekend
9. I've been accepted to Who's Who
10. Bill has asked me to be a character reference for him

The last item is the most immediately interesting. He chased me down after my second exam with him today, and told me that as part of his immigration process, he needed character references. My kindly professor then asked me if I would be one. Of course I said yes. He said that nothing would probably come of it, but he needed references all the same. No harm in helping the man who'll be my primary reference academically. Bob just can't speak English well enough.

I need to order t-shirts. Grah. Stupid Jingle Belles.
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Karen Shelton
17 September 2007 @ 05:32 pm
Guess I just broke the rules again. I let Leigh print 28 copies of a non-math or computer science item. And each copy was five pages. Yikes. Oh well. I guess I'll rot and burn for this one.

Anyway, my day has been alright I suppose. I haven't been to my room is about 8:40 a.m. and it doesn't look like I'll be there again until 9 p.m. I usually go back to my room for a little over an hour sometime during my three-hour break between 11 and 12, but not today. I spent the first full two hours in the Trojan Center with Amanda and Amanda, then Amanda and Stephen, and then Amanda, Stephen, and Erica. We finally left at like 10 til 1, which wouldn't have left me much time in my room, so I decided to go to the lab (when they weren't paying me to) and talk to David about our group project. Dr. Something-or-other, though, was having a class in the lab and insisted upon the removal of all non-essentials, which did not actually include David, but we don't have to work if a prof takes over the lab--yet we still get paid--so he wanted to go get some lunch. Therefore, I accompanied him to Saga, and I used a meal to buy a Coke, more or less, as I had already eaten. Our intentions had been to discuss the project, but Bill happened to be in there at the same time so David invited him to sit down with us. He joined us, and oddly enough, all talk of Computer Science ceased. We talked about religion, cults, cultural differences between China and America, how he and his wife met, the process of getting a green card, and the process of applying to grad school. Quite random.

Oh well. Guess I'm just brown-nosing again. I'm just not used to not being the teacher's pet.
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Karen Shelton
13 September 2007 @ 08:16 am
Silly boys. They're all taller than I am, so they keepy the chair super low. Every time I come in here, I have to jack it back up. Grah.

I have a test today. Pooh. I don't like having tests today or any day for that matter. Tests are fascist. On the bright side, that means I'll be done even faster, so I can run to Wal-Mart and get what I need to for the weekend. Game Day is tomorrow--our first home game of the season, and according to most, we're supposed to win. I'll be in the lab I guess tomorrow afternoon from 2-5, but only because I want the money. Ms. Porter said I didn't have to be here, and I don't expect even the international students to be in the lab, since it's the first game, but I'll be here anyway.

Now I'm off to fall in to the gray, dismal world of studying. Grah.
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Karen Shelton
11 September 2007 @ 08:45 am
Grah. My brains is tired. I do not want to be awake. It's only a VERY small consolation to know that I can in about three hours. Yes, very little indeed. Now, at 8:45, my first customer walks in. I don't think he'll need my help, but so far, I've been alone in the lab. And I've been cold. Freezing, actually. And sleepy. Yes, this is my morning to complain. I knew I should have bought a Coke. I just might yet. I could run downstairs to the drink machine. I just might do it, because I'm tired.

I have 6,214 out of the 20,000 tickets I need for my mp3 player. I'm getting a Zune. Not because I like them, or think they're fantastic, or particularly innovatinve, but I can get one for free. That, and piece of crap mp3 player doesn't do video, and I like watching my shows on the go, so bah.

Erica's colon problem turned out to be pneumonia. Now, how something goes from the colon to pneumonia, I dunno.
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Karen Shelton
10 September 2007 @ 05:13 pm
In the lab again. Persons count: me and one lady doing her math homework. Yay. Though, it might pick up again before the night's out. It did last week. Hopefully not, though. My friends' lives are complicated, but what else is new? Erica (Duncan) is in the hospital. Something about her colon. Mother couldn't remember what it was called. I hear that Josh was down there, which is good. Maybe he's worth something after all.

Weekend = uneventful. Monday = boring. Brain = fried. I actually resorted to buying a mocha frap thing from Starbucks to keep myself awake for the next four hours. So, so tired. I'm tempted to shut the door after it's empty, and just sleep for a while. Sounds a little stupid, though.

I'm blatantly ignoring the "No Food or Drink" rule on the door, as I just ate my supper and I am still sucking on my $$-over-glorified-milk-shake-with-a-shotta-coffe. I also have a bag of chips and a water-bottle for later. I am such the rebel.

Nothing else of import to report, except that I quite like Chinese poetry. So far.

People count: Me, two ladies working on math homework, and one working on C++ homework.
Daily text count: 15
Stupid text count: 1 (Courtesy of Bridget Aaron)
Crossings to the dark side: 1 (Courtesy of Starbucks)
People helped: 1
Classes attended: 4
Brain cells lost from classes attended: Too many to count.
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Karen Shelton
07 September 2007 @ 02:49 pm
I have no idea what this Chinese kid is even trying to do with his program, and he doesn't have the book, and he can't seem to explain to me what needs to be done. Grah. And so I can't seem to help. He's saying "Maybe I need to see Dr. Zhang," and I reply with "Yeah, probably," and feel about this big. Grah, grah, double grah, triple grah. Stupid, stupid Karen.
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